About Molyjam

What Would Molydeux, affectionately referred to as “Molyjam,” is a 48 hour game jam inspired by the works of @petermolydeux, a loving parody of the legendary Game Designer, Peter Molyneux. It started in 2012 with a tweet.

Two and a half weeks later, on March 30th 2012, the jam was held in 32 cities worldwide. To learn more about how it all came together, please visit our History section.

2013 Jam

The 2013 Molyjam will take place over the weekend of July 5th-7th local time. Details coming soon! Follow @molyjam on Twitter

Internet Participation

Sometimes theres just not a venue near you, but the jamming must go on! Join us online, click here for more information.

Hosting a Jam Site

We had over 30 locations worldwide last year, but we'd love to add more! If you're interested in hosting, please contact us at .

Here is what you'll need to provide as a host:

  • Workspace - tables, chairs, access to power, water, and bathrooms
  • Wireless internet access
  • Parking or nearby public transit access
  • Nearby access to food establishments
  • Large tv or projector - for the show and tell presentations at the end!
  • Webcam - for livestreaming your brainstorming and work sessions, show and tell presentations, whatever else comes to mind

Sponsoring Molyjam

Thanks to companies and individuals who support independent game development communities, our jam participants are able to have access to free food and snacks, cheap or free jam locations, temporary development licenses, and more. If you would like to become our esteemed sponsor, please contact us at .


Want to look back at last year's jam? Our friends in the press have you covered:

Press Inquiries

Writing about Molyjam and want to ask us some questions? Get in touch with .