Plane Patrol



Bob Morate Game Designer, Sound, QA, Jedi Master.
Maximilian Stolze Coding, Level design, "Dabaws"
Philipp Sendek Initial 3D model, team mascot, caffeine provider.


One of the passengers of the plane is planning to make a phone call, which will make the plane to crash. You have to stop him! Pay attention to the interference sound to know when a phone call is about to be made. Once the call is established the plane will start to fall. Use the WASD keys to move the Plane Patroller, and the left mouse click to grab the perpetrator. Then drag him to the plane's exit (2 on the front, 2 on the rear), and click on him again to kick him out of the plane. Good riddance! We don't want you in our plane! Pressing F will use a detector that will briefly point you where one of the phone users are. It might not be the one that is currently calling, though! Also, be careful with throwing away innocent people! If you manage to get rid of all troublemakers before the plane crashes, you win! If you don't... well... At least you tried :)