Loyal is a game about a girl and her best friend. Actually, it's more about a dog and his best friend. In Loyal, you play as Duke, trying to make your owner's life as happy and perfect as you possibly can, by influencing and changing major life events so that they resolve in the best way possible. Mess something up, and you might remove an entire future event from her life. Do something great, and you just might make Molly the happiest girl on Earth. Currently, the game is in an unfinished state. However, we will be attempting to get a completed version out within the next few weeks. Please follow @LoyalTheGame for updates.



Cody Clark Designer
Kari Clark Artist
Kip Ricker Programmer
Andrew Klose Programmer
Tim Giang Artist/Animator
Kaitlin Sheridan Artist
Ben Ellebracht Artist
Bill Kiley Music and Sound Design