Real Boy


Create a deep personal connection with your very own small child! Inspired by Peter's Milo Ted Talk (




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Guide Timmy around his Boy Enclosure by moving the magic bubble and clicking where you want him to go. Click on Timmy to scold him if you see him doing something you don’t like. He doesn’t like to be scolded, but it may save his health in the long run. When Timmy’s hunger bar is full he’s going to eat the nearest thing, so be sure to have him near something healthy! When his toilet bar is full he’s not going to wait, so try not to have him near his food or bed when the time comes! When his tired bar is full he will lay down and sleep wherever he is. If you have guided him to his bed, his slumber will heal him, but if he sleeps in something gross it will be bad for his health. If Timmy’s health or happiness is depleted then it’s over- goodbye wonderful child-bonding simulator! But if you can fill Timmys happiness bar right to the top, you will achieve the ultimate gift- LOVE!