Mind of Molyneux


Have you ever wondered what it is like inside the mind of Peter Molyneux? In the "Mind of Molyneux" we explore the madness that lies within. Try to tame the inspiration within the Mind of Molyneux and create brilliant ideas at the right time. Make sure to make enough so that Molyneux's game projects are as great as they deserve to be! Features ambient Molyneux-chill background music. Feed Peter's creativity (madness.) Features actual Peter Molyneux quotes/ Hundreds extra procedurally generated Molyneux quotes. Thrilling progressive game development story of the ages. Two seperate difficulty options.




Simon Davies Programmer, Designer
Peter Underwood Audio, Designer


Click and drag on the cubes make them collide! The objective is to make as many white inspiration cubes as possible, by combining the 3 primary colours. However you need to avoid doing this during times when Molyneux is pre-occupied, which is when the background goes red. This can be disabled by playing on "Easy" difficulty.